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Soft Flow’s recruitment process is driven by our desire to find the right person for the job. It is designed to identify people who not only have the right mix of skills and experience but who also aspire to our values.

We use the following methods of recruitment and selection:

1- Usage of media, specifically the internet and the Social Media

2- Employee referrals/recommendations

3- Job centers; job fair; University relations/ educational institutions

4- Recruitment agencies.

Most of the time, Soft Flow prefers to use media as a way of recruitment since we consider it as one of the best ways of recruiting people. Currently Soft Flow has an active Facebook page and LinkedIn Account for job seekers to access. Employee referral is another good way to get an interview. In Soft Flow there is a good chance of being hired when you are recommended by one of our employees. But of course, a selection procedure should be followed; it would also depend on the qualifications of the recommended person.