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Infrastructure Design & Optimization

Expertise counts. The experienced engineers of SOFTFLOW Infrastructure Management practice offer years of success in building and maintaining customized network solutions. From complete network management to strategic, consultative assessments, our specialists have seen it, done it and are there to share their focused knowledge with your organization, so you do not get burned on the learning curve. Vendor-certified, yet vendor-independent, SOFTFLOW supports Microsoft, Symantec, McAfee, CITRIX and others. SOFTFLOW Infrastructure Management team offers:



Active Directory Services

Sometimes migrations and upgrades stem from a merger or acquisition. Other times you simply need to update your operating system or active directory to the latest version. In either case, SOFTFLOW can help you complete these critical assignments by deploying proven processes that facilitate smooth changes to your infrastructure. Our Active Directory services include:

1- Design

2- Design & Implementation

3- Migration Planning & Execution

Messaging and Collaboration

Relied upon by both internal and external customers, a stable and secure e-mail environment is mission critical with interruptions in service impacting both productivity and profit. From initial design and planning of your messaging system to deployments and migrations, SOFTFLOW specialists are here to help. Our comprehensive suite of Messaging Solutions includes:

1- Support for the latest versions of Microsoft Exchange including 2007 / 2010 / 2013

2- Exchange Solution Development

3- Migration Planning and Execution

4- Exchange Recovery Analysis and Remediation


Virtualization is very much in fashion but that is not surprising because it offers a number of clear benefits such as the green agenda, bottom line cost savings, simplifying IT infrastructure management and disaster recovery. In practical terms it allows your business to:

1- Run fewer servers at higher utilization

2- Save energy costs on server running and cooling

3- Reduce carbon footprint

4- Set up more robust and faster disaster recovery systems

5- Quicker failover response

6- Restructure server infrastructure

7- Reduce time spent loading software and software patches

8- Faster deployment of new servers

9- Reduce maintenance costs as server volumes are optimized

10- Reduce staff costs through elimination of the need for out of hours maintenance  

11- Release expensive office space


  • Server Virtualization

this dramatically reduces the number of physical servers you run by enabling you to run multiple virtual servers on a single or reduced number of physical servers. Each virtual server has its own operating system so it can run applications as before and users have access to the network in the normal way. Multiple virtual servers are managed using a single management layer or hypervisor. In addition if a machine does go down then the disaster recovery options are more simple as virtual severs enable rapid fail-over.

  • Storage Virtualization

the storage capacity is removed from the individual user or server and is shared. The allocation can therefore be adjusted as actual demand changes so resources are used most effectively. Capacity planning, backup and restore and peak time balancing can be done far more easily.

  • Application Virtualization

this reduces the number of physical servers and desktop pcs as multiple applications can be run a single server within a server farm. Applications share operating system, memory and processing power with workloads balanced to maximize performance

  • Desktop Virtualization

consolidates desktop PCs to a centralized server farm allowing every user to have their own virtual PC which is a low cost ‘thin client’ or terminal. Thus saving on expensive fully loaded desktops and ensuring easier software updating and control.

Data Protection

Data Security falls into two main areas – firstly from malicious attack from outside and secondly guarding valuable internal data assets from intruders or internal lapses.

Protecting the valuable data throughout your organization is critical. You want to make sure that your intellectual property doesn’t fall into the hands of someone who isn’t authorized to have it. Plus, you need to be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of your controls to meet diverse compliance requirements related to your industry and your company policies.

It is tempting to lock away the organization’s critical data to keep it safe. But that stifles the ability of employees to collaborate and innovate. Your employees need to be able to collabo­rate and access data more, not less. Using information you already own in different ways helps drive innovations that can differentiate your business and generate new revenues. Today’s busi­ness climate requires a data security solution that encourages collaboration while mitigating the risks associated with data access. Our experts can guide you into the best ways of achieving this.


SoftFlow understands the absolute importance of securing your data.  We offer extensive experience in developing repeatable and successful disaster recovery plans. Industry-leading best practices, software and hardware technologies are at the heart of our online backup and recovery solutions.

Our full range of data protection services include:

1- Disaster Recovery Planning

2- On-line Data Backup and Recovery

3- Anti-virus Protection

Remote Infrastructure management

SOFTFLOW Remote Infrastructure Management services are designed to keep your network and server infrastructure running smoothly and efficiently, and in the process reducing the burden on your existing infrastructure staff. Our team of certified network engineers will ensure a more proactive approach to maintaining your business critical infrastructure devices and can also handle Remote Level 3 service requests as they arise. Our ongoing tasks include the following:

1- Review weekly security and system logs

2- Research new OS releases/patches and develop upgrade paths and schedules as necessary

3- Evaluate security advisory alerts and make appropriate recommendations

4- Examine network monitoring alerts and assess utilization trends

Our Infrastructure Management services can also be combined with a Network Monitoring Solution (NMS) resulting in a comprehensive, turnkey solution for monitoring and maintaining your complex network infrastructure (including network devices, servers and applications).

Database Services

Soft Flow offers a wide range of database consulting services to meet the needs of your organization.  Our MS SQL Server solutions include:

1- Design and Development

2- Reporting Services

3- Audit and Review

4- Clustering and high availability

Desktop Deployment

Provides a consistent desktop environment to more people in the organization by delivering the windows desktop and the latest windows application.