With years of experience under their belts, our subject matter experts build and maintain customized network solutions to meet your business needs. Soft Flow carries out a holistic approach to manage your network while providing the necessary tools and knowledge to walk your organization through digital transformation. Vendor-certified, yet vendor-independent, we support Microsoft, Symantec, McAfee, CITRIX and others. Soft Flow Infrastructure Management team offers the following services:

  • Active Directory Services
  • Messaging and Collaboration
  • Virtualization
  • Data Protection
  • Remote Infrastructure Management
  • Database Services
  • Desktop Deployment
  • Eliminate silo files and printer shares with our Active Directory services. Active Directory services provide you with the necessary framework and tools to efficiently administer directory services while ensuring network services enable you to gain control of your business functions with the delegation of authority and single sign-on for users.

  • Providing you with a secure e-mail environment to hinder any critical interruptions that could potentially impact productivity and profit. Soft Flow specializes in designing, planning, deploying and migrating your messaging system. Our comprehensive suite of Messaging Solutions includes:

    – Support for the latest versions of Microsoft Exchange including 2007 / 2010 / 2013

    – Exchange Solution Development

    – Migration Planning and Execution

    – Exchange Recovery Analysis and Remediation

  • Benefit from our Virtualization services that are aimed at improving your green agenda, bottom line cost savings, simplifying IT infrastructure management and disaster recovery. Virtualization services include server Virtualization, storage Virtualization, Application Virtualization, and Desktop Virtualization.

  • Take the necessary measures to protect the vitality of your business through our data protection services. Soft Flow’s data protection services enable your organization to store its data securely while encouraging data collaboration through risk mitigation of data access.

    Soft Flow follows industry-leading best practices to provide you with the below data protection services:

    – Disaster Recovery Planning

    – Online Data Backup and Recovery

    – Anti-virus Protection

  • Safeguard the efficiency and effectiveness of your server infrastructure. At Soft Flow, our certified network engineers are dedicated to providing you with a proactive approach that maintains your organization’s infrastructure devices. Our services extend to the following:

    – Review weekly security and system logs

    – Research new OS releases/patches and develop upgrade paths and schedules as necessary

    – Evaluate security advisory alerts and make appropriate recommendations

    – Examine network monitoring alerts and assess utilization trends

    – Network Monitoring Solution (NMS) resulting in a comprehensive, turnkey solution for monitoring and maintaining your complex network infrastructure (including network devices, servers and applications).

  • Soft Flow offers a wide range of database consulting services to meet the needs of your organization.  Our MS SQL Server solutions include:

    – Design and Development

    – Reporting Services

    – Audit and Review

    – Clustering and high availability

  • Operate in a consistent desktop environment with our windows desktop services that use the latest windows application.


    Soft Flow understands the importance and complexity of outsourcing, therefore, our innovative approach is centered on having the right resources, at the right location for the right cost. Our flexible and scalable solutions are designed to evolve with your business needs.


    Providing quality help desk services is at the heart of Soft Flow’s business, we aim to minimize disruptions by rendering prompt and responsive answers to your end-users’ IT challenges.

    Delivering innovative cost-saving Solutions and Support since 1991, Soft Flow has a proven track record of on-time delivery and within budget. Whether you are looking to virtualize your infrastructure, refresh your network or take advantage of unifying your data and telecoms, we have the in-house expertise that you can access.

    Soft Flow is one of the leading support companies and professional Solutions providers in the country.



    A thorough assessment of your business environment is done by our expert consultants to form a solid foundation for the pre-design phase.


    During this phase, our consultants rely on their assessment results to provide you with the best solution that fits your business environment whilst also providing you with the most fitting software meeting along with the required criteria.


    A solution design schema is constructed to outline the roadmap required to implement the recommended solution using best practice.


    Soft Flow consultants follow up and maintain the designed solution, through testing to ensure functioning effectiveness.

    Request for Proposal (RFP) Assistance

    Soft Flow endeavors to identify and understand your business to assist in defining your RFP.


    Soft Flow’s SLA offering is tailored to address the needs of small, medium and large enterprises. It includes preventive measures to avoid hidden problems via tracking and monitoring of the client’s systems.

    We provide a partnership-modeled engagement achieved by a yearly support agreement. This allows Soft Flow to keep a close eye on our client’s systems thus leading to a disruption-free environment. We provide

    our clients with access to product update releases, technical experts, and on-site support. Our SLA also includes proactive hours which are used for preparing the client for assessment as well as helping them choose and develop long term IT projects.

    In addition to that, Soft Flow has its own Proactive Support which is designed to ensure business continuity and improve IT effectiveness. Our solutions lifecycle is offered with specific planning, design, integration, installation, and management services. We provide 24/7 technical support, where all the issues go through a defined technical and management hierarchy process with specific response times depending on the severity level of the service requested. A subscription to Microsoft TechNet’s knowledge base is available as well.

    Soft Flow’s SLA provides our clients with direct access to our Technical Experts. Cases and issues can be submitted in various methods: via Email, site Helpdesk or even by Telephone to Soft Flow’s Help Desk.

    Our aim is to operate as an extension of your in-house IT team using our resources and expertise to complement your own. Take advantage of our offerings that range from fielding help-desk enquiries to fully outsourced support, our support is tailored to your unique requirements.