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SAP - Industry Focused

SAP supports the most important business processes in any company and provides tools to manage these processes for greater efficiency and effectiveness. Built using input from customers and industry analysts, plus the technical expertise SAP has acquired through extensive business experience and research, solution maps are multilevel blueprints of processes defined for a particular industry. They help you visualize, plan and implement a coherent, integrated, and comprehensive information technology solution. They also show how various processes are covered, including the processes that SAP and its partners support. With solution maps, you quickly understand business solutions and the business value they can bring.


Wholesale Distribution

In order for wholesale distribution companies to achieve continued success in the current challenging business environment, they must focus on the following critical success factors, including:

1- Growing top line profitably, always keeping an eye to differentiated product, service, and business offerings and creating a win-win-win situation for everyone in the value chain (supplier ® wholesaler ® customer)

2- Significantly improving finance efficiency, including cost and profitability management, vendor cost recovery, and cash flow

3- Achieving operational excellence across the enterprise to streamline operations (logistics, warehousing, inventory, and people)


But even with a relentless focus on these critical success factors, reaching customers with the right products, in the right place and at the right time with the right level of service is challenging when companies are burdened with siloed business processes, information latency, and massive data volumes.

The result?

1- Missed market opportunities

2- Unprofitable operations

3- Dissatisfied customers and suppliers


As a growing company, you need a software solution which provides Insight through:

1- Direct access to information

2- Ability to uncover business opportunities and anticipate risk

3- Understand business drivers and their impact


The SAP Sales Portfolio for Banking helps banks to deliver differentiated products and services to customers by enabling timely delivery of tailored bank products, product bundles and services across all customer interactions.  It also reduces overall costs & complexity by streamlining all core banking processes while simplifying configurations and services.  The banking Sales Portfolio also helps banks to make optimal business decisions by providing trusted real-time insight into bank operations and pro-active management of enterprise-wide risk and compliance.


The challenges, market conditions, and drivers directly shape SAP’s value and innovations for the retail industry, and support their transformational journey.

To do this, companies in the retail industry need innovative solutions that work across the organization and outside to their ecosystem.  Retail Without Boundaries help retailers do that - with in-memory computing, cloud and mobility they can change the way they work and introduce new customer experiences that before were never possible.

1- Improve margin performance with targeted assortments. Personalize shopping behavior with meaningful promotions, information and pricing that drive loyalty to that brand.  With 360° insight into shopping history and personal information, retailers can target customers and armed with customer sentiment, retailers are able to develop assortments that attract new and growing trends and quickly respond to the customer demand with adjustment of new orders or diverting products from a good selling location or channel to another.

2- Improve product availability and service levels.  Use one of customer to forecast demand across channels and then distribute to each selling location.  Retailers need to rationalize their supply chain process throughout the organization and ensure consistency of execution with one set of stock, sales and customer information that allows balanced and accurate stock holding across all channels that meets customer demand.

3- Attract and retain customers with new sales experiences.   Customers need to shop in ways that match their needs with information that is relevant.  Whether in store, internet, one consistent view of the customer promotes loyalty and increases the spend with a retailer.   This extends to after sales service based on accurate customer history and preferences.


Market trends and pressures in the healthcare industry are influencing SAP’s future innovations strategy. The future of IT in the healthcare industry is an exciting one, with technology leading the way. Together with our customers and partners, SAP sees the future in the three areas:

1- Unrelenting pressure on healthcare costs

2- Making patient and provider collaboration easier and more proactive

3- Real-time, actionable insights for users anytime, anywhere

The challenges, market conditions, and drivers highlighted above directly shape SAP’s value and innovations for the healthcare industry.  As a result of those drivers, we find that healthcare providers are beginning to move away from point solutions and monolithic IT investments, and are increasingly focused on mapping and meeting both IT and business needs to support their transformation.

To do this, healthcare organizations need innovative solutions that:

1- Are able to collect, synthesize, and analyze data from various systems so that healthcare is measureable and outcome-based

2- Help manage costs by providing insight into how to optimize operations and productivity

3- Allow for proactive real-time collaboration between all care providers, so that healthcare can be shifted from costly hospitals into the community and so that people can focus on prevention of disease and illness