Outsourcing, Managed Services, and Professional Support

Soft Flow Group delivers comprehensive IT and organizational support to organizations across different scales, flawlessly integrating as an extension of their internal IT team.


We establish agreements with entities to deploy proficient members of our team who actively contribute to and undertake tasks within your IT department.


You will be provided with expert resources and specialized solutions to achieve cost efficiencies and maximize business performance. Our innovative approach means ensuring the right resources at the right locations, time, and cost.


To guarantee top-notch quality and convenience, our professional support extends to what we call the Service Level Agreement (SLA) which includes (1) preventive visits to track and monitor systems, and (2) a yearly support agreement for close system monitoring to detect implicit problems and reduce failures.


Going beyond and above, we offer access to product updates, technical experts, and on-site support; proactive assistance for business continuity; and a comprehensive solutions lifecycle: planning, design, integration, installation & management offerings.

Our ultimate goal is to provide an all-encompassing solution, addressing nearly every facet of digital transformation sought by enterprises.

Other Services