Additional Solutions

Explore our suite of Additional Solutions, meticulously crafted to augment your organizational efficiency and drive transformative results. Delve into a diverse range of offerings designed to empower your business across various facets, ensuring streamlined processes and enhanced collaboration.

Enterprise Project Management

An all-encompassing solution designed to facilitate efficient planning, execution, and monitoring of projects. Integrated with tools such as Microsoft Project and SharePoint, it optimizes resource allocation, fosters collaboration, and offers real-time insights. EPM empowers organizations to align strategies with execution, thereby enhancing project delivery and organizational success.

Document Management System

A resilient solution tailored for organizing, storing, and accessing documents with seamless collaboration capabilities. Built on SharePoint's infrastructure, it offers version control, access permissions, and advanced search functionalities, ensuring efficient document lifecycle management. By centralizing document repositories and fostering a secure, collaborative environment, it enhances productivity across the organization.

Intranet Portal

Enables employees to access and share information, collaborate on projects, and communicate more effectively. Serving as a centralized platform, it offers company news, documents, and resources, enhancing internal communication and collaboration across the organization.


Built on the Microsoft Teams platform, it provides instantaneous and context-aware assistance within the collaborative workspace. By furnishing automated responses, task automation, and information retrieval directly within Teams, it efficiently streamlines communication workflows. Offering swift access to pertinent data and support, the ChatBot enhances productivity and efficiency within the team environment.

Microsoft Power Platform Solutions

Equip organizations with a comprehensive suite, encompassing Power BI for data visualization, Power Apps for application development, and Power Automate for workflow automation. These solutions empower entities to analyze, automate, and innovate, fostering data-driven insights and refining processes. Operating within a low-code environment, the Power Platform enables users to craft customized solutions that amplify productivity throughout the organization.

SQL server migration and consolidation

This undertaking entails migrating databases to newer SQL Server versions or consolidating multiple databases onto a singular, efficient platform. It promises enhanced scalability, optimized resource utilization, and simplified management, culminating in a more cost-effective and responsive database environment.

Power BI migration and development

This comprehensive procedure involves the migration of current data visualizations to Power BI while also crafting bespoke dashboards for in-depth analytics. Through this initiative, organizations can establish a resilient and expandable Power BI ecosystem, equipping them with dynamic data portrayal and the ability to make informed decisions.

SharePoint migration to latest version

Our improved process ensures an efficient transition to the latest SharePoint version, capitalizing on its enhanced features and performance. This meticulous procedure includes the transfer of content, configurations, and workflows to the updated platform, guaranteeing enhanced collaboration and information management capabilities. The result is a modernized SharePoint environment, poised to optimize team productivity and deliver a more intuitive and responsive user experience.

Microsoft Teams Solutions

Transform workplace collaboration with a unified platform that encompasses chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and task management. Smoothly integrated with Microsoft 365, it elevates team communication, encourages real-time collaboration, and enhances project coordination, serving as a versatile hub for effective and cohesive teamwork.

Other Solutions