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Our mission has always been to help companies set the ground for a fast and proper growth using the best available technology. We specialized in anticipating problems and solving them before they become an obstacle to your development by carefully studying each unique environment and by overviewing upcoming trends and patterns.

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Growing a business successfully requires great management, productive staff, and processes built on reliable, flexible, and scalable infrastructure.

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Expertise counts. The experienced engineers of SOFTFLOW Infrastructure Management practice offer years of success in building and maintaining customized network solutions.



  • Business Intelligence
  • Help Desk Solution
  • Workflow Solution
  • Software & Customized Solution
  • Security
  • Back-up & Disaster Recovery
  • SAP - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • SAP - Industry Focused
  • Leverage software and services to transform your data into actionable decisions to align with your strategical and tactical goals. Business Intelligence applications include data mining, query and reporting, analysis, forecasting and intelligent decision support.

  • Help Desk is an industry leading enterprise-level help and service desk solution that is capable of meeting the most challenging support requirements, yet capable of scaling down to meet small and medium service support needs. With the increasing adoption of best practices, service desk has become the cornerstone for automating IT processes and providing audit trails for regulatory compliance.

  • Organise the movement of documents, transactions and tasks with a workflow process. Most often, workflow includes documents that need to be routed through a task or process as documents are the vehicle by which information moves through your organization. The concept of workflow is simple to understand yet difficult to implement without the right tool. Automation of workflow is handled through various software types.

  • Developing innovative and customized software solutions based on exact customer needs as well as problem description and designing applications that will suite your business requirements.

  • » Secure Content Management/Internet Security

    Complete web and email security solution with protection from spyware, inappropriate web content, viruses, spam. Malicious code and much more.

    » Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

    Protects critical network systems and applications, thus preserving the availability, integrity and confidentiality of data as well as ensuring business availability.

    » Policies and Design

    Defining the proper policies and procedures based on a specific environment by setting-up the proper security features.

    » Managing Security Services

    Optimization of the usage of security services to best meet your needs and providing you with the best security enhancements based on the latest security updates.

    » Auditing

    Tracking of all ongoing operations on a critical environment and auditing all the events occurring based on given criteria. Identification of vulnerabilities as well as weaknesses within the client’s IT environment and making recommendations accordingly based on best business & IT practices.

  • » High-Availability

    Ensures zero downtime on critical applications, enabling businesses to run continuously regardless of what the back end technologies are experiencing.

    » Data Protection

    Protects your critical data, simplifies the management of data backup and recovery, whilst providing consistent, reliable data protection.

    » Disaster Recovery

    Recovers from an unexpected disaster that may endanger information and data availability at any point in time.

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications in order to effectively manage their business. In other words, Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems incorporate internal and external management information across an entire organization integrating all facets of operations, including development, manufacturing, sales and marketing.

    The information made available through an ERP system provides visibility for key performance indicators (KPIs) required for meeting corporate objectives. The enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality in SAP is designed to meet the needs of organizations with features in areas including:

    1. Accounting and financials

    2.Sales and service

    3.Procurement and logistics execution

    4.Inventory management

    5.Human capital management

    6.Product development and manufacturing

    7.Reporting and analytics

  • SAP supports the most important business processes in any company and provides tools to manage these processes for greater efficiency and effectiveness. Built using input from customers and industry analysts, plus the technical expertise SAP has acquired through extensive business experience and research, solution maps are multilevel blueprints of processes defined for a particular industry. Enabling you to visualize, plan and implement a coherent, integrated, and comprehensive information technology solution. Whilst also providing you with insight on how various processes are covered, including the processes that SAP and its partners support.